Thursday, October 20, 2011

PEPLUM inspired art

Art by Boris Vallejo

Haven't we seen a moment like this in practically every Sword & Sandal film?

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Pat Powers said...

Yes, we have, but the reason it looks so familiar is that it's the cover of "Captive of Gor" (I believe) one of John Norman's series of Gor novels which were set on another world with a culture and climate much like ancient Rome's, with especial focus on the slave girls and all their sexy goings-on, so the only REAL surprise here is that the artwork in fact is in line with the content of the book, not something that happens all the time, or even all that often in fantasy paperbacks from the 1970s.

BTW, peplum fans might be interested to know that there are tens of thousands of people playing at being virtual Goreans in Second Life, and they've created over 300 Gorean sims, many of which are quasi-Roman. You can actually walk those lands in a virtual way nowadays.