Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog giving thumbs up to this blog

I came across this link which had a paragraph mentioning this blog. It's always great to get some sort of acknowledgement from others. Yay!  Thanks, guys.


Jason Apuzzo said...

John - Thanks for mentioning us here, and I just want to congratulate you on this wonderful site you've created, which is really a home to anyone who loves peplum/Sword & Sandal cinema, especially from its great era in the 50s-60s. If your readers are interested, in my own modest way I try to cover contemporary peplum fare with "Sword & Sandal" updates at my site Libertas Film Magazine:

... but for the purists who are serious about this stuff, your site is really the best place to go by far! Keep up the great work.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Thanks Jason for your kind words.

I do cover current S&S films, like the new Conan film and the new Clash of the Titans remake but the bulk of the site is about older films, including those from the 1980s. I'll definitely be checking your site on a regular basis.