Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tragic Stars: Belinda Lee

Belinda Lee was an up and coming British-born star who started making films in Britain before doing films almost exclusively in Europe, including a good number of films from the PEPLUM genre. Her life was cut short when at the age of 26 she died in a car accident near San Bernardino, California, on her way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This happened in March 1961. Her last two films, released posthumously, were PEPLUM films: CONSTANTINE AND THE CROSS (December 1961) and JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN (1962). Few people remember her today. She had the potential of becoming a big star.

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Top photo and above photo, with Jacques Sernas, are from GODDESS OF LOVE


Anonymous said...

Tragic, what a loss to movie fans all over the world.

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Great Belinda photos. I liked her a lot when I saw her early British films for the Rank Organisation. DANGEROUS EXILE is a good costumer. She is terrific in an Italian wartime drama THE LONG NIGHT OF '43. She could really have had a great career, like a young Loren. She is good as MESSALINA and APHRODITE, with that mane of hair. Unfortunately she was practically decapitated in that car accident ...