Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photo of the Day

Maciste (Mark Forest) tries to wrestle himself away from soldiers in MACISTE - GLADIATOR OF SPARTA

This scene happens directly at the start and Maciste is eventually captured. This is when one of the commanders looks at Mark and says he'll be great in the arena so they don't kill him. This is a cliché which I'll do one day.

Mark did few of his stunts in his films and because it was difficult to find a stuntman with the same physique the stunts scenes were almost always obvious. Mark is doing his stuff in this scene which is cool. The other thing about this film is that I always get it confused with THE MAGNIFICENT GLADIATOR. Both films extensively use the same (big) sequences and even though I've viewed them several times I still get them confused. The one thing that sets these films apart is that there's a gorilla in this one. Arf.

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