Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PEPLUM box office 2012

There were few PEPLUM films released in 2012. There were so few that I decided to include THE HOBBIT even if I don't consider it a PEPLUM film per se, it being too far off into the Fantasy genre spectrum to be included under the wide umbrella of the PEPLUM genre.

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY: $168 million; Worldwide: $456 million. Production budget:

SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN: $155 million domestic; $396 million worldwide. Production budget: $170 million.

WRATH OF THE TITANS = $83 million domestic; $301 million worldwide, Production budget: $159 million.

JOHN CARTER = $73 million domestic ; $282 million worldwide. Production budget: $250 million.

Box office results for ASTERIX & OBELIX: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN are difficult to come by. In France, the film registered 3,731,002 "entrées" (attendance or tickets sold).

The genre is seemingly dying, THE HOBBIT notwithstanding. I doubt there'll be a third TITANS film, after the disappointing box office for WRATH. And JOHN CARTER is in a category of its own when it comes to box office flops (Disney considered it a flop even before it hit theatres). 2013 has some interesting titles in store for genre fans but nothing remotely spectacular.


Anonymous said...

What titles you hearing about in 2013, that interest you?


PEPLUM cinema said...

Well, there's supposed to be a prequel to 300.