Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo of the Day

Demetrios (Sal Ponti aka Anthony Hall) and Sonoy the Astrologer (Ed Platt) look into a pool of water to view of things to come in ATLANTIS - THE LOST CONTINENT

This is a popular PEPLUM cliché. One of the films which uses this extensively is in MACISTE IN HELL. There's another such scene in THIEF OF BAGHDAD starring Steve Reeves. I'll have to make a compilation of this cliché.

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Steven Lester said...

This film introduced me to Edward Platt, and he became one of my favorite actors. I really enjoyed his appearances in Get Smart. He also once played a crusading Public Health Officer who chased down the cause of some horrible sickness. I saw this in High School during Health and Safety, shortly after seeing A-TLC. I hope it didn't hurt when he got zapped by the sun gun.