Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nudity in old PEPLUM films

If you go to IMDb's forum for CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981) one of the most popular threads there is the inevitable: There was an awful lot of nudity in this for a PG movie at the time. The two screengrabs here are the scenes in question. This makes me laugh and sorta sad at the same time. I saw this at the movies back then and no one complained about the nudity in COTT so why now? In a day and age where hardcore porn can be accessed by a simple click of a mouse, why are today's kids so uptight about exposed flesh in old mainstream movies? It's the same thing I mentioned recently here: butt out.


Steven Lester said...

I'm shocked...SHOCKED I tell you! First Jane Mansfield and now this...this...I can not speak the word! My HEART...(gasp)

abdul666 said...

I wholeheartedly agree: I'm almost 69 now and I remember a time when people were not shocked by such glimpses in 'whole family' movies. Why the change? A collateral damage of generalized 'political correctness'?

Pal said...

Political correctness? More like hypocrisy.