Saturday, December 8, 2012

Animated Steve

how do i make a gif
I wanted to create a wiggle stereoscopic image but it didn't work so I made a standard gif animation. From THE GIANT OF MARATHON


Pal said...

I really like this film. It's a pity that it has some serious flaws.

I personally dislike the violence [a la Mario Brava] at the end. However, the biggest goof (of probably all the Peplum films) is a white car casually passing in the background - while the Steve Reeves character entertains Andromeda and the rest of the Hellenic girls in the park :)

Otherwise the film features some great matte compositions. (There are very few films showing scenes of the ancient Athens.)

I have the Spanish DVD (for which I tailored the English dubbing), whose picture quality is only mediocre (albeit probably the best of the available versions; it is at least in widescreen).

It would be nice to have a remastered DVD/blu-ray edition (if possible, with the motor-vehicle in the background photoshopped out ;)

Bill said...

Nice animation! Good job.