Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo of the Day

Hercules (Mark Forest) aims for action in HERCULES AGAINST THE SONS OF THE SUN

Great pose. PEPLUM perfection.

In the film, Mark, as Herc, uses a sword. I always have issues with Hercules seen as a swordsman. He used to carry a club, which might be too cheesy for some but a sword seems too soldier like. In the two HERCULES films by Pietro Francisci you never see Hercules brandishing a sword. He was basically a "one-man-army" and used chains or boulders or his bares hands as weapons so a sword wasn't needed, if you know what I mean. A bow and arrow is fine, it's very Greek in character even if the story in SONS OF THE SUN takes place in the land of the Incas.


Steve R.Orsulak said...

This is a good little movie with a lot of PEP Stars in it. The sword thing doesn't bother me at all. Since Hercules was the Son of Zeus now I understand why there was no language barrier between him and the Incas. Really like that picture of Mark.

tpk said...

What the hell is Herc doing in Peru. The Inca empire only lasted for 100 yrs beginning in the 15th century. Ancient Greece and Hercules worship had been over for 1500 yrs.