Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jayne Mansfield vs Moira Orfei

In this corner, Jayne Mansfield, American bombshell and all around sweet person and in the other corner, Moira Orfei, Italian temptress and Circus superstar. Both starred together in THE LOVES OF HERCULES (aka Hercules vs the Hydra) and both apparently didn't get along, or at least, according to Moira in an interview made a few years ago, the Italian actress was miffed that the American Jayne was the star of the film and made sure the Italian crew got her specific instructions on how to film Jayne vs her. Jayne still looked good for most of the film but I must admit that some scenes Jayne looked sorta daft.

So who would win in a real life cat fight? Jayne or Moira?

Where's Jayne's name on the poster?

In the end, Moira would have the last laugh, at least in Italy, as the film was advertised without Jayne's name on movie posters. That wicked Moira.



Steve R.Orsulak said...

Moira was always more appealing to me, and Jayne was a Bombshell but not a very good actress. Jayne's assets made her, but Moira was a very good and sexy actress.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Moira, says I.

Anonymous said...

Jayne is most beautifull... very...

Anonymous said...

Check out the one sheet movie poster of the 1960 movie
Jayne Mansfield can really fill out a peplum.
That movie was filmed in Greece
(but takes place in 1896).
also in that movie was Bob Mathias.
The dvd was recently released
on 20th Century Archives dvd.
Kenton C.

passant said...

Jayne is most most beautifull as Moira.....