Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mae West - the PEPLUM connection

Even though Mae West never made a PEPLUM kind of film during her illustrious career she did help future (and former) stars of the genre during their careers. In the photo above, Mae is straddled by none other than Ed Fury (URSUS and many others) and Reg Lewis (from COLOSSUS OF THE STONE AGE aka Fire monsters against the Son of Hercules). Mae also worked with Gordon Mitchell and Mark Forest (aka Lou Degni).

Mark Forest, aka Lou Degni, is on the far right

From SEXTETTE, Mae with Reg Lewis (bottom right)


Steven Lester said...

Several of the female models that worked with Mae West over the years have said that they received "vibes" from West that seemed to indicate that she was actually a he who cross dressed. Rochell Welch was one of them. Wouldn't that be cool if true? Of course, we will never know for sure unless we dig her/him up to find out.

Arenafighter said...

Here's a great photo from 1959 of Mae West with Dan Vadis

PEPLUM cinema said...

That is a great photo JJ. Thanks!

Steven, I heard of that rumor but not from Raquel.