Friday, November 2, 2012

Before they were PEPLUM stars: Richard Harrison

Here are a few (fuzzy) screenshots of MASTER OF THE WORLD starring Vincent Price and a then unknown Richard Harrison, who was really buff in this. His sailor costume fitted him to a T. The same thing could be said with the film's other big star, Charles Bronson, who's pretty good in it. And there's the required shirtless scene. I saw this film many times when I was a kid and I find it cool that I saw Richard before knowing him as a PEPLUM or Euro star. The annoying thing about Richard's appearance is that there are no close-ups of his face. He's always shot from afar. As low budget as this film was (there's tons of stock footage) I've always liked it because of the sense of wonder it had. It's something you don't find in a lot of films these days. The whole steampunk aspect, which I like. And Vincent helped a lot of course.

Richard's next film would be THE INVINCIBLE GLADIATOR, made in Italy.

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