Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photo of the Day

An injured Hadji Murad (Steve Reeves) staggers in a room in THE WHITE WARRIOR

"Help me!"

That's what Steve's lips say when you view it but the dubbing has him simply say "I...". This screenshot was taken from the French DVD and it's gorgeous. The best DVD out there even if the image is a bit too desaturated. This is one of those films/roles Reeves said he was disappointed that it wasn't as recognized as his Hercules films: "I only did two Hercules films, but everyone seems to think I did ten."


Foxman said...

It's ironic that Steve was in his biggest shape in this movie and was covered up in most of it. I remember that he was told to lose 10 pounds for Hercules since Francisci told him the screen added ten pounds. That was a shame since the other actors weren't told to do the same and Steve looked thin in certain scenes. Steve was more defined in the two Hercules films but here in his third film he seemed to carry more of his true competitive size, as he did in Goliath. I think he looks best in these latter two and, in the scene in Warrior when he strips off his shirt for the wrestling match, his arms are huge! Thank goodness for YouTube where we can do freeze frames and admire the classic Reeves physique!

PEPLUM cinema said...

I agree. He's really big in this film.