Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo of the Day

A chained and blinded Japheth (George O'Brien) is forced to work on a massive stone-mill in NOAH'S ARK (1928)

This film is interesting on a couple of levels:

- This was directed by Michael Curtiz, director of CASABLANCA and MILDRED PIERCE and he also directed the very un-Hollywood epic THE EGYPTIAN. 

- The story is a mixture of modern settings with Biblical settings used symbolically/metaphorically. I honestly don't care much about the then modern storyline, just the Noah's Ark scenes.

- George O'Brien is quite impressive in this. In some scenes he looked like, gasp, Steve Reeves in HERCULES. Of course O'Brien is nowhere as cut and built as Reeves but the passing resemblance in some shots is fun.

- Like so many Hollywood PEPLUM films made during the silent era, NOAH'S ARK was obviously inspired by CABIRIA.

- Some extras drowned during the filming of the flood scenes.

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