Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo of the Day

Burt Nelson and Wandisa Guida in REVENGE OF THE CONQUERED

A fun Swashbuckler starring the mostly forgotten Burt Nelson, who appeared in several PEPLUM films, including REVOLT OF THE SLAVES. Wandisa is a PEPLUM star so there's no introduction needed. This is one good looking film. Because it's not a Sword & Sandal film with the usual locations, the locations in this film, filmed across the Italian countryside, are breathtaking. The costumes are great as well. The red and black coat Burt is wearing in the image above is great. I want it!

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Anonymous said...

A beautifully composed image. Burt is holding the horse firmly while his attention is completely on Wandisa. Note how the red of his coat is also taken up in her hat. I like how the river banks connect both of them.