Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo of the Day

Gordon Scott walks up the narrow walls of a prison in HERCULES AGAINST MOLOCH (aka Conquest of Mycenae)

A really cool scene, that's quite believable with Gordon's physical abilities. And no it's not a trick shot; that's actually him doing this stunt. I have a review of this film here or go at the Featured Films permanent page.


S.R.Orsulak said...

I wanted to ask you if Scot did his own stunts awhile back but never got around to it. This is even better scene now since it's the real deal. I read way back that he did do a lot of the stunts for his Tarzan Movies, and this proves that he was very athletic.

PEPLUM cinema said...

He did most of his stunts, much more than Steve. For instance, you can see Gordon leap literally into action in GOLIATH & THE VAMPIRES but as much stuntwork as he did, there are a lot of stuff in it done by others and it's sorta obvious because Gordon had such a specific physique and finding a stuntman that looked like him wasn't obvious.