Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo of the Day

The beautiful end of Scilla Gabel in ROMULUS & THE SABINE WOMEN

I know this might be a spoiler for many but there are two things I'd like to talk about her role in this film: first, Scilla's role in this film doesn't make much sense and it's sorta pointless. Many of her scenes, including the one above, happens with Scilla alone as she's tucked away behind some bush and watches the main action. So when she dies, no one notices. Very odd. In my opinion it's one of the oddest roles in any PEPLUM. 

And second, even during her death scene Scilla looks beautiful. She ends up dying with her back on a rock, her "assets" pointing upwards. I can't believe this scene was designed as a lark or something.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Scilla would have been a great Bond bad girl - she at least tussled with Connery in that 1959 Tarzan film Tarzan's Greatest Adventure, one of the better Gordon Scott ones, with Anthony Quayle as a nasty villain - she also comes to a sticky end here (falling into that pit of pointed bamboo...) as she does in the wonderfully enjoyable Sodom & Gomorrah in 62.

Anonymous said...

Scilla was stand-in of Sophia Loren too.