Thursday, June 28, 2012

My recent acquisitions

I recently got a hold of several cool titles (copies), with a few more on the way.

The first interesting title is GODDESS OF LOVE with English subs. Yeah!  I already have this film but only in Italian. The copy I got is more murky than the pristine DVD version in my collection but it has subtitles in English. I'll create a "Fan Sub": I'll transcribe the subtitles from the recent copy to the clearer copy. It should be great, until someone finally gets a hold of the original English dub.

Thanks Michael.

Other titles:

THE BACCHANTES DVD : I already have this film (taken from an Italian TV broadcast) and I've been working on a "Fan Dub" when I saw the official DVD was for sale somewhere. They only had one copy left so I purchased the DVD, got it in the mail and ripped it; the image and sound are so much better than the copy from the TV broadcast. Both copies are in Italian only but I do have the English dub of this film and I had almost completed the "Fan Dub" which I have to redo; I'll have to transfer the clearer version I just got to the English dub. DVD also includes a never before seen trailer.

HERCULES UNCHAINED DVD - Uncut - I purchased a cheap Italian DVD which has the Italian and English tracks. I already had a widescreen English copy from a German DVD. The image quality from that DVD is stunning but there are 3 minutes cut from it. The new cheapo Italian DVD is uncut but the image quality is not as good and the framing is all wrong (not true 235:1 widescreen but more like 185:1). The audio tracks are identical but slightly less noisy on the Italian DVD.

Above is a screenshot of the Italian DVD for HERCULES UNCHAINED. Compare it to the screenshot taken from the German DVD (below). The framing of the German DVD is better and the image is sharper than the soft one from the Italian DVD. The colors are more saturated on the Italian DVD but maybe a bit too saturated. Notice the difference in color of the scarf wrapped around Sylvia Lopez. Which color is the right one? Blue or green?!?!

I already watched both copies side by side and took note of where the German copy is cut.

SIEGE OF SYRACUSE DVD - In Italian only - The image quality is stunning. I already have this film but from a murky vhs transfer with subs from an Australian TV broadcast. I'll do a "Fan Sub" of this pristine copy (add the subs from the poor copy to the pristine one). I have to say that the film itself looks amazing. Oddly enough, Tina Louise is not credited on the DVD's cover. Hmm...the other great thing about this DVD is that there's a never before seen trailer included. Yea!

REVENGE OF THE CONQUERED DVD - I purchased the Italian DVD for this rare Swashbuckler and the image quality is STUNNING. The film looks like it was shot yesterday. A true find. I have a copy in English but it's in "super poor near unwatchable" quality. I uploaded a preview of this film years ago at Youtube (see below) and you can see for yourself how bad it is. I'll be doing a "Fan Dub" of this (after I've finished the 3 dozen other films I already have lined up...).

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DT said...

I hope you will post a DVD-rip version of the wild dance number from Bacchantes on your YT channel. Of the handful of Peplums I've seen thus far, that is my favorite musical/dance scene.