Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photo of the Day

Irene Papas as ELECTRA

It's funny how Greek movies about Greek mythology were always so stark and serious while Italian PEP films about Greek mythology were colorful, boisterous and on the side of fun.


Anonymous said...

Your observation is correct. To my knowledge there have been very few Greek films with a mythological/classical/late antiquity setting (see below). Apart from the light-hearted Lysistrata, all are serious in nature. The main film exports have been those of Michael Cacoyannis, of Zorba the Greek (1964) fame, who brought classical dramas to the screen, my favourite being Iphigenia (1977). Peplum film imports have always been very popular in Greece, notably from neighbouring Italy which by contrast had the large budgets and film industry resources to make them.

Daphnis and Chloe (1931) - by Orestis Laskos
Antigone (1961) - by Yorgos Javellas
Electra (1962) - by Michael Cacoyannis
Young Aphrodites (1963) - by Nikos Koundouros
Byzantine Rhapsody or Imperiale (1968) - by George Skalenakis
Daphnis and Chloe: The Young Lovers (1969) - by Orestis Laskos
The Trojan Women (1971) - by Michael Cacoyannis
Lysistrata (1972) - by George Zervoulakos
Hippocrates and Democracy (1972) - by Dimis Dadiras
Iphigenia (1977) - by Michael Cacoyannis
Doxobus (1987) - by Fotos Lambrinos
Two Suns in the Sky (1992) - by Yiorgos Stamboulopoulos

Anonymous said...

I see that for Greek speakers there is a Peplum Film Guide (ΧΛΑΜΥΔΑ Λεξικό Ταινιών) by Aggelos Polidoros (ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ ΠΟΛΥΔΩΡΟΣ). 2nd edition (2021), 280 pages. ISBN: 978-960-88260-7-6, e-mail: info@amarysia.gr
Greek blog: https://aggelospolidoros.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_63.html

The book presumably has info on the few Greek productions as well. The content description in the blog google-translates as follows:
- A brief history of the genre's evolution from 1897 to 2020
- Full detailed list of movies (credits, synopsis and comments) including new movies after 2010: Mary Magdalene, Ben Hur, Resurrection, Gods of Egypt, Asterix: The Dwelling of the Gods, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Noah, Hercules : The Thracian Wars, Hercules: The Beginning of the Legend, 300: Rise of an Empire, Fire Over Pompeii, Wrath of the Titans, Immortals and The Eagle of Empire
- Over 270 photos, posters and backstage snapshots.
- Biographies of the most important directors of the genre.
- Summary index of all the titles (Greek and foreign) with which the films have been screened from time to time.

PEPLUM TV said...


Thanks for the replies! And that list. Yes, Greek movies on Greek Mythology are something totally different.

Is that book available inEnglish?

Anonymous said...

From what I have seen on the internet the book is only available in Greek and is aimed at the (relatively small) local market of Greece. I live in Australia and don't have the book myself, I just thought I would share what information I had found about it.

Incidently, to finish on the Greek Peplum film theme, I would also add these 3 titles to the above list for completeness:
Kassiani (1960) - by Ilias Paraskevas
Boom, tara!! Ta tzoum!! (1972) - by Errikos Thalassinos (a comedy!!)
I Diadikasia / Proceedings (1976) - by Dimos Theos

So all up there are 14 serious dramas and 2 comedies.

Anonymous said...

On the guide in question, I tracked down this link with clickable page images of the first edition. It gives an idea of the format.
See: https://mikrosserifis.blogspot.com/2014/09/299.html?m=1

I hope all of this was of some interest.

Anonymous said...

As a kid watching Greek TV in its infancy in the 70s I can also confirm these few (and to date only) peplum-type TV productions. Unfortunately only the final one survives. Various clips, pics and info can be found on-line. I have given approximate english translations of the titles.


En Touto Nika / In this Sign Conquer (1973/74) - by Kostas Andritsos (116x30min)

Oi Emporoi ton Ethnon / The Merchants of Nations (1973/74) - by Costas Ferris (52x45min)

I Oraia Eleni ton Gaidaron / Helen of the Donkeys (1976/77) - by Costas Ferris (22x30min) - comedy satire

Porfyra kai Aima / Royal Purple and Blood (1977/78) - by Nikos Foskolos (54x45min)

Pontios Pilatos / Pontius Pilate (1987) - by Kostis Zois (5x30min)

Anonymous said...

A rare find ! This Greek-French TV co-production was televised New Year's Day 1977 transporting viewers 1000 years into the past to join two French visitors at the Greek revelry of the Byzantium Calends Festival of 976 AD. Many well-known Greek film actors took part. (Greek and French language. Greek subtitles.)

Hilia hronia prin - Vyzantio: I Giorti ton Kalendon /
One thousand years ago - Byzantium : The Calends Festival /
Il y a Mille Ans: La fête des calendes a Byzance (1976) - by Giorgos Mihailidis (52min)