Friday, June 29, 2012

Location: Roman Aquaducts

Roman aqueducts are among the greatest achievements in the ancient world. Where would civilization be without them?

Quote from another blog: "The importance of the ancient Roman aqueducts cannot be emphasised enough. The final destruction Rome occurred in 537 AD during a siege on Rome by the Goths. The aqueducts which supplied Rome with water were destroyed. The people of Rome could not survive without water and the population of Rome fell by 90%."

Roman aqueducts can be found not only in Italy but almost everywhere in Europe, like Spain and Portugal. Even Greek islands like Lesbos.

The story of a couple PEPLUM films revolved around aquaducts, including PONTIUS PILATE.

This website is a database of sorts of aqueducts : link

Aqueduct in Vanvitelli

 In Segovia, Spain

In Tomar, Portugal


The number of aqueducts that can be found on the Greek island of Lesbos


Steven Lester said...

This is a nice article about how the system worked and what they look like. Well-chosen photos, as well. I'll never see one up close while I live, so this is almost as good.

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