Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are they PEPLUM films?

A scene from KWAIDAN

Asian films set in Ancient times are often filled with sword fights and superheroes from mythology battling super nemesis with violence and colorful action and incredible stunts. Should they be considered part of the PEPLUM genre? Part of me says yes but another part of me thinks that a PEPLUM should be set in and around the Mediterranean, with Greeks, Romans, Gauls, Vikings and Egyptians and Persians, etc. Of course, there are those Euro PEP films which had Maciste traveling to China or Hercules battling Mongols or Inca warriors on the other side of the Atlantic.  But then when I think that I already have tons to cover with the hundreds and hundreds of PEP films right now that, personally, I think it would be too daunting to start including them.


Jim said...

Yeah, I also agree they are a different genre. Most of the "cliches" are different cliches.

Pat Powers said...

I think the Asian sword and sorcery films are a thing of their own, though both genres are linked. Plus there are subtle cultural differences. One of the things I like best about the peplum was that, on the whole, the lead characters have sunny dispositions. They fight, but they're not LOOKING for a fight, for the most part. The Asian leads tend to have tragic pasts, and resultingly aggrieved personalities.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Good points, Pat.