Thursday, November 3, 2011

Photo of the Day

Dan Vadis, as Hercules, is helped by Spela Rozin in HERCULES THE INVINCIBLE (aka Son of Hercules in the Land of Darkness)

This was one of those films I couldn't upload at my Youtube channel because a shady company claimed copyright infringement on this public domain film. That company, Craze Productions, have stopped this practice because all of their channels were closed by Youtube themselves for violating their terms of agreement when they uploaded non-public domain films they didn't have the rights to as well (doh!). Since they've disappeared, you can now find at least half a dozen YT channels with the entire public domain version of this film.

Uploading it to my channel now seems redundant but then my channel is a one-stop all-things PEPLUM  which the other channels are not so I might upload regardless.

In fact, it's not only this film but most public domain PEPLUM films are practically all available in one format or another on Youtube now. I started my Youtube channel back in May of 2007 and there were few other channels that were devoted to PEP films. Now, they're seemingly everywhere, some even grabbing my uploads and they in turn upload them to their channels.

Que faire?!?


jim said...

How exactly is Spela Rozin helping Hercules, except by helping herself to his mighty, demi-god pecs ??

Jealous much ???

OK, I admit it. Yes, I am!! lol lol

S.R.Orsulak said...

I think this scene takes place early in the movie when Vadis saves the princess from a lion or 2. Am I right?

PEPLUM cinema said...

Yes, that's it SR.

Steven Lester said...

One lion and he faints. Wimp!