Wednesday, November 9, 2011

QUO VADIS 60th anniversary: PEP Recycling

Cesare Danova's screen test for BEN-HUR. He's wearing one of Robert Taylor's tunic in QUO VADIS (photo below). I have to say that I really like Cesare's screentest. If it was up to me, I would have hired him on the spot, not for the main role but at least a good supporting role. He looks like a real Roman and, dare I say it, that tunic looks better on him than Robert. Why didn't he make more PEP films?

Leo Genn, Robert Taylor and Deborah Kerr in QUO VADIS

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Homask said...

Leslie Nielsen!!! Surely he was just filling in for the screen tests, but it's really fun to see him here. And he knew how to fill out a peplum. Thanks for this little gem.

As for Mr. Danova, he is very attractive, but we should fall to our knees and thank heaven for Stephen Boyd and the thrilling work he ultimately did in Ben-Hur.