Monday, November 28, 2011

GODS & KINGS to be directed by Steven Spielberg

Warner Bros wants Steven Spielberg to direct the story of Moses, from his birth to his death.

I've always compared Spielberg's populist films to those of Cecil B DeMille's so this is not surprising to me but it's doubtful he'll direct it because he has too many films to make right now. 


In an unrelated interview, Spielberg also mentioned how bad movies are today and he's not sure he'd watch many films made during the past 20 years.


Oh I agree, and, unfortunately it includes several Spielberg titles, including that wretched Crystal Skull flick. Arf.


S.R.Orsulak said...

Spielberg has made some clunkers recently, but I'm looking forward to his version of WARHORSE, which I think will be a huge success. I think he would be the perfect director for GODS AND KINGS. Hey, I was only 8 yrs. old when I saw THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and I'm sure he saw it too. The length didn't bother me I was enthralled by the spectacle of the movie, and there also was a intermission so one could do what they had to plus go and get some more snacks. I hope they make it as spectacular as the original.

PEPLUM cinema said...

It's probably going to be more "realistic" than the DeMille version but how realistic can you get with something like the parting of the red sea? lol