Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SALOME through the years

Salome is one of the most popular characters in movie history. There are at least 30 films made on the famous, or infamous, dancer. So here is just a small sample of actresses and films.

Theda Bara in her version of SALOME (1918)

No it's not Lady Gaga but Nazimova in her rendition of SALOME (1923)

Yvonne DeCarlo in SALOME WHERE SHE DANCED (1945) which is a Western not a PEPLUM but Yvonne has a dance bit as Salome. You can view her dance sequence here (oddly enough, it's backwards)

Rita Hayworth in SALOME (1953), probably the most famous film on the legendary character

Brigid Bazlen is Salome in KING OF KINGS (1961)

Jo Champa in SALOME DI OSCAR WILDE (1986)

Imogen Millais-Scott in SALOME'S LAST DANCE (1988)

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