Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Then & Now: Daniela Bianchi

 Daniela in THE SWORD OF EL CID (1962); a recent photo of the actress


PEPLUM TV said...

Whoever made a list of all Then & Now from the blog, I know that must have taken some time but I didn't published the comments because it's borderline spamming.

Also, many Then & Now are of actors who have died since the Then & Now was made and linking them doesn't make much sense. Then & Now are only for actors who are still alive.

Anonymous said...

That's OK, I had made the list for my own interest and wanted to share it with you. My main idea being that perhaps you could use all those cool 'Then' photos to create a dedicated page, eg. 'Photo Gallery of Actors'. There were so many actors I recognised but did not know their names and this would be a useful reference page to have on your blog. Just a thought.

Ivan said...

Daniela looks fine. She and Bond made a nice couple.