Tuesday, June 6, 2023

HD Alert!

Anna Maria Ferrero in a scene from THE GOLDEN FALCON (1955) 

This fun film has had a Blu-ray release recently and it's quite good with some discrepancies. The screenshot above is from the new BD release and the one below is from a TV broadcast in Germany. Aside from the resolution, the image is identical. So the BD wasn't a 'new' copy of this since it was played on TV with the presumably same print. It's great to have in in full widescreen and the widescreen is used brilliantly. Released in 1955, it's one of the earliest 'widescreen' itles available yet, which is great. It's in Cinepanoramic, not CinemaScope. But the image seems overly dark or murky. Something to do with contrast. Anyway, the unfortunate thing about this BD is that there's no English track. Just German.

The other annoying thing about this release: the opening credits are in English which means a copy of this in English is out there but not available. Side note: the credits are in English but the German title was edited in over the English one. But the rest of the credits are in English (see below).

I have three copy of this, in addition to this BD release. I doubt many people will buy it. Personally, I wanted a better copy than the others I already have even though the lower resolution one from the German TV broadcast is nearly identical. You can purchase it here.



Anonymous said...

"discrapencies" I've think you coined a great new word here.

Dr. Jerrold Coe said...

Appreciate the posts about non-peplum historical dramas, doubt I would have come across this on my own. Thanks!