Monday, June 12, 2023


Steve Reeves as Aeneas in THE AVENGER (1962) 

On the left are Giacomo Rossi Stuart and Benito Stefanelli. 

This is the sequel to THE TROJAN HORSE (1961). It wasn't directed by Giorgio Ferroni but Giorgio Venturini. It was produced by American Albert Band and his son, Charles Band, stars in it. I won't detail Charles Band career here. If you know, you know. Though not as spectacular as the first movie, it still holds up quite well on its own. In fact, in some ways, I prefer this film to THE TROJAN HORSE. The scene in the screenshot above is cut from nearly all copies except for one French copy. It's not a major scene but it's nice to see a movie that's integral. Charles Band is still alive and has given interviews about his experience in making the movie. Benito Stefanelli was also in THE TROJAN HORSE. He played a villain and has a great scene with Steve. He's a good guy in this and he's good friends with Giacomo's character. My only big complaint about this movie is the US title: THE AVENGER sounds very generic. The UK title, WAR OF THE TROJANS, is much better, imo. It's also known as THE LAST GLORY OF TROY. Patiently waiting for the HD copy of this, uncut of course.

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MonsterVision said...

Had no idea Band had a role in a peplum movie. Makes sense since he spent most of his early life in Italy. Sounds like an interesting picture.