Thursday, June 29, 2023


Giancarlo Prete (kissing) and the dance / feast / orgy in MESSALINA MESSALINA (1977)

This crude and raunchy Italian sex comedy from 1977 has one of the best scenes ever filmed in a PEPLUM movie. The screenshot above is the scene in question. It's an incredible tracking shot that slowly goes around people drinking and being horny while dancers perform to beautiful music (by the brothers De Angelis). The movie used sets from GALIGULA (1979) and this scene is better than anything in the infamous Bob Guccione production. I uploaded the clip 10 years ago on Youtube and it was taken down. There is some nudity but it's not too overt. The movie is over the top crude but I enjoy it nonetheless but this scene in particular is splendid. The movie stars Giancarlo Prete and Tomas Milian and I'm a fan of both actors. Thanks to my great source who provided a plethora of copies of this movie. This is why I watch everything PEPLUM 'cause you never know when you'll come across something good.

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