Thursday, June 1, 2023


Rosanna Schiaffino plays Princess Fedra and Arianna in THE MINOTAUR (1960) 

The two women are twins and in this scene they finally meet face to face. I like this part in the movie. The good Arianna is the one everyone likes but Fedra is evil but in an understated way. She never goes overboard with evilness even though her character is pure evil. Twins in movies, PEPLUM or not, always become the Good twin vs Evil twin. Rosanna did a handful of PEPLUM movies, much less than Gianna Maria Canale, but her roles were always fun to watch. And this one is no exception. The entire production is very good. Recommended.


Anonymous said...

The widescreen composition and the lighting highlight very well the distance between the natures of the two characters.

Perhaps 'Freda' is a misprint. Their exact names and spelling varied depending on the language version:

Italian: Arianna / Fedra
English & German: Ariadne / Phaedra
Spanish: Ariadna / Fedra
Finnish: Ariadne / Faidra
French: Ariane / Phèdre
Greek: Αριάδνη / Φαίδρα

PEPLUM TV said...

Yes, it's a misspelling.

The composition of that shot is beautiful!