Thursday, June 15, 2023


Queen Akiba (Bella Cortez) tries to seduce Taur (Joe Robinson) in TAUR THE MIGHTY (1963)

A PEPLUM cliché for sure: a powerful Queen tries to seduce the equality powerful hero in an attempt to subvert him. It rarely works. There's always a possibility of 'romance' but it always ends up backfiring. TAUR THE MIGHTY is a a Twin Production with THOR AND THE AMAZON WOMEN. The two movies are nearly identical with the Evil Queen played by Janine Henry in THOR. Last year, Bella published a book. Here's a translation of what's on the Amazon page.

Apparently different stories, yet united by two dominant motifs: fantasy and love. I dare to say a single common thread that unites them in a symbiosis, an osmosis, which I would define Love fantasy or rather love fantasy. A journey through time that unites two souls who, from the most ancient past, chase each other, unite "like two clouds in the sky which, carried by the wind of time, become one." One love but different ways of loving. And love can be born, for Vellucci, already in childhood as in the first novel, strong and adventurous as in the ancient story of Falanto and Etra, sweetly romantic in Bella Cortez, the Last Dream or as a diabolical obsession in the last story of the Cuban writer: Obsession.

Through Facebook, I asked Bella for an interview but she ghosted me after years of being Facebook friend and actually being one of her fist FB friend.

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