Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The hypocrisy of Wikipedia

A few years ago I tried to submit my blog to the Sword and Sandal page at Wikipedia. I created an account and logged in and made a few changes and added the link to my blog. Someone monitoring the page removed all my information and said quite clearly that content found at external links have to be copyrighted. I told them that the links listed (see below in red) all fully violate that copyright clause and yet the links are still present today.

Not only that but they actually included 2 links to video distributors whom sell public domain films but of the many titles they sell some of them are not in the public domain.

Also, I've been following the Sword and Sandal page for years now and it's obvious that whoever maintains that page gets info from this blog as the listing changed/improved continuously as my blog kept on going. I never took any info from that page as it was filled with mistakes.

Keep that in mind the next time you go to Wikipedia.

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Stephen Flacassier said...

I don't know if it's still up but there used to be a discussion page connected to the Peplum/Sword and Sandal entry on Wikipedia. I tried joining in but after having my years of research dismissed by the person running it who 'just felt' his opinion was better, and there for the truth, I gave up. Didn't want facts getting in the way of their posturing, I guess.