Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photo of the Day

Jason Scott Lee and Sandrine Holt in a publicity photo for RAPA-NUI

A mess of a film which was plagued with production problems. Director Kevin Reynolds claims that this his worst film...this coming from the director of WATERWORLD. He said that the production often ran out of food for the cast and crew as there was only one flight per week to the island (you'd think that would be easy to fix...or charter a boat). The film's only, uh, asset is the eye candy: the entire cast wears minimal clothing, as this photo shows. Aside from that, the film is almost a totally worthless endeavour mainly due to the risible screenplay (which reduces the whole story into some sort of brawny Fratboy-ish antic) and historical re-enactments which are not very convincing. The incongruous multi-ethnic cast doesn't help much as well. 

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