Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photo of the Day

The hand from the angel of death ('the destroyer') from THE TEN COMMANDMENTS

Probably the scariest scene in any PEPLUM film or any film in general: one of the plagues Moses commanded God to enact: all first borns will be killed. To prevent the hand of death to reach inside homes they have to mark front doors with the blood of lambs. Creepy stuff for a Biblical film which terrified me as a kid and is still chilling.

Happy Halloween!


Steven Lester said...

Perhaps the worst plague of all, seeing as the deaths of first born sons destroyed the inheritance structure of the entire nation, leading to thousands of court cases to determine who got what now. It is interesting that Pharaoh himself did not die, although a first-born himself. I suppose that firstborns included both sexes, since Joshua is shown protecting his girl-friend with the brand of safety on the door posts. Concerning John Agar, who played Joshua...did you notice the size difference between him and Heston during the scene where Joshua has just crossed the desert looking for Moses. Agar looked like a kid next to Heston. Why would De Milel allow that to happen?

PEPLUM TV said...

Joshua was played by John Derek :-)