Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photo of the Day

Mahor (Yann Larvor), Sirione (Fernando Calzado) and the Phoenician Ambassador (Antonio Casas) all conspire together for some nefarious plot in COLOSSUS OF RHODES

Fernando Calzado, Antonio Casas and Conrado San Martín (as Thar, not pictured) all look alike in this film. If it wasn't for their costumes I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. The convoluted story (from my review: Rebels want to overthrow the King of Rhodes because of corruption and the lack of justice but then people within the Kingdom also want to take over the goofy looking King by overthrowing him and his army with a group of Macedonian "slaves" captured by Phoenicians who are actually soldiers and are brought within Rhodes, sorta like the Trojan Horse ploy. The Rebels fight the Rhodes soldiers. The Rhodes soldiers fight the Macedonian "slaves". The Macedonian "slaves" fight the Rebels...) adds to the general confusion of this great but flawed film.

Yann made a couple of PEPLUM films before disappearing from the face of the earth. He was billed as the French Hercules even though he doesn't seem too massive compared to bodybuilders of today.

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