Saturday, October 12, 2013

Posters of Hollywood films after HERCULES

Big Hollywood PEPLUM films, some that didn't do too well at the box office during their original release, were re-released with a markedly different artwork after the worldwide success of HERCULES (1958). Here are a couple of examples of the influence of HERCULES on Hollywood:

On top is the original (boring) artwork for LAND OF THE PHARAOHS. Jack Hawkins is suddenly turned into a superhero for the British release.

The original poster art for ALEXANDER THE GREAT is on top and below is the re-issue, from the early 1960s, right after the success of the HERCULES films. I don't remember Richard Burton being so buff.

On top is the art for the original release of SAMSON & DELILAH and below is the art from the re-issue in 1959.

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Brrrodie the Westie said...

Excellent analysis ... later (second) LAND OF PHAROAHS art actually gives away the fateful twist at movie's end