Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PEPLUM family

Maria Montez is well known for her Sword and Sandal films (or Sex and Sand films) she made, many with Jon Hall, in the 1940s. She would later on marry Jean-Pierre Aumont, who also made several historical and Swashbuckler films during his career, and the two were parents of Tina Aumont, who would leave her own mark in the PEPLUM genre with roles in SATYRICON (not the Fellini one) and FELLINI'S CASANOVA, among other films.

Maria Montez, with Jon Hall, in ARABIAN NIGHTS

Maria Montez and Jean-Pierre Aumont in the rarely seen SIREN OF ATLANTIS. They were already married when they made this film together.

Jean-Pierre Aumont, a tiny Tina Aumont and Maria Montez

Tina Aumont in SATYRICON

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Nick Wale said...

You could stretch the family connection to include Tina's husband CHRISTIAN MARQUAND who appeared in ATTILA