Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo of the Day

Aladdin (Donald O'Connor) and Omar (Milton Reid) are looked over by "Amazons" in THE WONDERS OF ALADDIN.

Steve Reeves was set to star in this film but they ended up with Donald O'Connor instead. How does one go from Steve Reeves to Donald O'Connor? O'Connor, as Aladdin, was terribly miscast. Steve Reeves or O'Connor were simply too old to play an Aladdin who still lives with his mother. The impossibly handsome Terence Hill, still going as Mario Girotti, is also in this and would have been a better choice as Aladdin. Not a big fan of this but it is harmless fun with moments showcasing O'Connor's dancing/acrobatic antics. The skimpy "Amazons" costumes are anachronistic to say the least. Great score by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino.


orsh549 said...

If Steve was scheduled to play in this movie maybe the reason he didn't was because of his movie THIEF OF BAGDAD. I think Donald fit the bill well considering that this was more of a comedy and I doubt if Steve could of played the dancing doll. I have fond memories of this movie growing up and it was a very well done movie with a great cast. Now the younger family members enjoy this movie. Donald O'Connor was a very good actor, singer, and dancer. Do you remember the FRANCIS THE TALKING MULE movies?? They were corny but lots of fun.

PEPLUM TV said...

The studio wanted Steve to star in 3 of their productions: WONDERS OF ALADDIN, THIEF OF BAGHDAD and MORGAN THE PIRATE. He ended up doing only TOB and MTP.