Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photo of the Day

Horatia (Jacqueline Derval) is "tamed" by Curazio (Franco Fabrizi) in DUEL OF CHAMPIONS

Can someone explain Horatia's character to me? The odd thing is that Jacqueline Derval gives the best performance in DUEL OF CHAMPIONS (almost everyone is slumming) but her character makes very little sense. In DUEL OF CHAMPIONS, Horatia is an enemy of Curazio but after being kidnapped by him she falls instantly in love with her kidnapper even after he tells her that he uses women left and right but that she's somewhat different. And her actions at the climax is a bit much. 

I've just made a much needed Fan Dub of this film and I like it more now than before with a nicer picture but the film is still besieged by unusual weak aspects, Alan Ladd performance notwithstanding. The storyline is actually good (though simplistic, like NEFERTITE - QUEEN OF THE NILE). The decision of Rome's future based on a duel between warring family members is better realized here than in ROMULUS & REMUS but the final result is still unusually drab.

There are apparently two versions of this film: an English version directed by Terence Young and the Italian one directed by Ferdinando Baldi. The Terence Young one is missing in action. I have 3 copies of this and they all say Baldi is the director. Where's the Terence Young one? The score by Francesco Lavagnino is typically fantastic. The end result is a real mixed package.

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orsh549 said...

Despite the movie's set backs I still enjoy watching it. I'm not too sure but I think that this movie is based on an actual historical event that helped join both war weary kingdoms. I didn't like the ending where the sister commits suicide it really didn't make much sense that she loved her enemy lover more than her own flesh and blood, but that's the movies.