Sunday, June 30, 2013

Technical goof

In 7 SLAVES AGAINST ROME, one of the moments which started the slaves revolt in the story was with the scene in the screenshot above. A slave falls to his death, which upsets everyone and they overturn the oppressive Roman forces. Well, the scene in the top screenshot was originally in PONTUS PILATE and re-used in 7 SLAVES. And as you can clearly see the man is shirtless. But for the following in 7 SLAVES AGAINST ROME, below, the man is wearing a full tunic. As the man falls you can see he's not wearing many clothes so when you see the following shot with him fully clothed well it stands out for all the wrong reasons. This is a peculiar goof as the scene was already done and the film crew for 7 SLAVES knew the man was not wearing a tunic so why the change?

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