Thursday, June 13, 2013

300 Rise of an Empire

Here are some screenshots from the trailer for 300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE. I've already mentioned the  possibility of this film at the blog a couple of times and it's been a long time coming so it's cool to see some scenes from the actual film or know it's actually real. Looks dark, as usual. I kinda like some scenes in it but I absolutely hate the slow-mo, freeze frame action stuff which has been overused since THE MATRIX which was released 14 years ago. Guys, just let go of that silly stuff. Aside from that it reminds me of a remake of THE GIANT OF MARATHON. The battle in this film occurred during the Second Persian Invasion of Greece while the Battle of Marathon occurred during the first Persian Invasion of Greece. At least the genre is still alive.

 Rodrigo Santoro returns as Xerxes

Lena Headey reprises her role as Queen Gorgo.

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