Friday, October 12, 2012

Lobby Cards set: DAVID & GOLIATH

It's difficult to create a great lobby card set from a somewhat average film like DAVID & GOLIATH, which is not awful but it's definitely not remarkable. But the set itself makes the film look more serious or more epic than it is. Aside from the redundant two last cards the other cards are pretty good.


S.R.Orsulak said...

This movie is OK and I remember all the HOOPLA when it was released in the US they really pushed this movie. Overall in my opinion I think that SAUL AND DAVID was a superior film and more according to the Bible with an excellent cast. What's your opinion?

PEPLUM cinema said...

I agree. I think this film is typical of a lot of biblical films of the period: how to stretch a short fable into a 90 minute long film. I like it but it's underwhelming. I like SAUL & DAVID but at nearly 120 minutes, it's a bit too long.

DAVID & GOLIATH is an old school Biblical flick and SAUL & DAVID is more experimental, like Spaghetti Westerns were a bit more edgier than US westerns.