Saturday, October 13, 2012

PEP stats

Continuing with the 2 year anniversary of the blog, here's a breakdown of the actual numbers of visitors. According to the Google Blogger stats, the number of visitors or pageviews when I took the screenshot was 687869. Compare it to the number on the left column from StatCounter: 555785 visitors. A difference of 132, 084 hits. Hmm...which one is the right one? I'll go with the Google stats. It averages out at 28,661 visitors per month, calculated with the first months which didn't have a lot of visitors. On average, there are 1200 to 1500+ visitors per day, which is great. Not phenomenal (compared to some other sites where they get 10k a day...) but pretty amazing for an underrated film genre. The red arrow shows that yesterday the blog got over 300 hits in that one instance which is why the spike is so high compared to the rest.

I'm gunning for a 1 million visitors. And then I'll retire. Just kidding.

Now the only thing left for me to figure out is how to make money from the blog.

(the Amazon ads actually don't pay anything)

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