Friday, October 19, 2012

Butt out!

Last month someone left a comment after viewing THE GIANTS OF THESSALY uploaded at my Youtube channel: Decent film. Could have done without seeing my pal's butt at 1;12;30, though. :-0.

The image directly below is what the poster referred to. 

I didn't publish the comment but it does point out the difference between US made PEPLUM films and Italian/Euro PEPLUM productions, in that it's quite common to view men's rears from time to time in Italo/Euro productions. It's a cultural thing. I'm so used to them I don't notice it anymore but for newcomers to the genre, certainly today's younger Fan Boys, these brief scenes might be disconcerting and a total turn off and makes it more difficult to sell the old PEPLUM genre to them. 

Jason (Roland Carey or stuntman) climbs statue to get the golden fleece. This shot upset a viewer. 

Gordon Mitchell is no stranger in showing his butt as this scene from BRENNUS - ENEMY OF ROME show.


Giacomo Rossi-Stuart battles Daniele Vargas in SODOM & GOMORRAH; with such a super short tunic on Giacomo, butt flashing is to be expected.

Aldo Bufi Landi shows his true colors in TRIUMPH OF MACISTE


jntribolo said...

I would add that showing off is historically more accurate. :)

PEPLUM cinema said...

Yes, indeed

Anonymous said...

We can briefly see Sam Worthington's butt in the Wrath of the Titans, and there's also an upskirt scene in the same movie, but that's really rare in US movies.