Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Turhan Bey RIP

1940s hearthrob Turhan Bey passed away on September 30 2012 but his death was only announced today. He was 90-years-old. Turhan made many Arabian Adventures in the 1940s, many of which are, unfortunately, forgotten today but if you are a fan of PEPLUM genre you surely know him or have seen some of his films. The classics ARABIAN NIGHTS and ALI BABA AND THE 40 THIEVES are amongst the films he starred in. He was also in a seldom seen film called PRISONERS OF THE CASBAH costarring Gloria Grahame, which is a really fun film. The two first photos are from that film.

Born in Austria, the son of a Turkish diplomat, Turhan was nicknamed the Turkish Delight for his good looks and suave manner. RIP.

Gloria Grahame co-starred with Turhan in PRISONERS OF THE CASBAH

Above and below: Turhan with Maria Montez in ALI BABA AND THE 40 THIEVES.

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