Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Nero and his Lyre

Last week I posted a series of photos of PEPLUM films with Nero playing his lyre while Rome burns. Here are a few more photos of such scenes plus additional scenes of Nero simply playing with his lyre (sans Rome burning).

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Carlo Cattaneo in QUO VADIS (1913)

Emil Jannings as Nero in QUO VADIS (1925)

Alberto Sordi in the comedy NERO'S BIG WEEKEND

Derek Francis played Nero in an episode of DOCTOR WHO called THE ROMANS

Howard Ross (Renato Rossini, in a bad wig) listens to Nero (Vittorio Caprioli) in POPPEA:  A PROSTITUTE IN THE SERVICE OF THE EMPEROR

Pippo Franco was Nero in yet another comedy simply called NERONE (1977)

Hans Matheson was an unlikely Nero in a TV production IMPERIUM: NERONE


Peakpasha said...

There's still one Nero missing, and it's this 1909 silent movie, "Nero or the Fall of Rome":

PEPLUM cinema said...

Thanks...I saw another version which was abbreviated.