Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo of the Day

Michael Fassbender runs for his life in CENTURION

Michael sure is the current "It" boy as he's seemingly everywhere in the media these days. I purchased CENTURION via iTunes a year ago but never got to watch it so I decided to watch it last week and 30 minutes into it I had to stop. For two reasons. First, the opening credits are THE WORST opening credits I've ever seen, in a current or old film. Truly off putting. Obviously I thought the film started on the wrong foot but after watching it over 30 minutes, honest to god (or BY THE GODS!) I still couldn't tell who was who. The whole thing was confusing/muddled. Not the story but the characters. Every actor looked the same. The entire film had an anonymous bland feel to it. The choppy editing didn't help but seriously I just didn't know the characters at all so I stopped watching it. The CGI blood was silly. There were also Warrior Women who looked like something straight out from LORD OF THE RINGS. I'm like, huh?

I might try it again one more time in the near future but for now the whole thing was disappointing.  


S.R.Orsulak said...

THE EAGLE was a much better film. This movie had too much gore in it and the story was somewhat muddled. At least at the end he went back to the blonde.

abdul666 said...

Watched only the trailer on Youtube. Seemingly something like a part of Aliens set in Ancient times? The Eagle indeed looks more promising (I'm not bothered by the un-historical scythed chariots, I like peplum movies!). But The Eagle lacks what for me is the redeeming feature of Centurion: the warrior women! Fond memories of Keira Knightley in King Arthur (and the team Kahlan / Cara is the only reason I bothered to watch the 'Legend of the Seeker' I've fortuitously discovered on TV).

As for identification of the characters... in a very 'politically correct' way one of the 'good guys' is Black. As silly as the old 'Mission Impossible' where the Black member of the team was supposed to pass unnoticed masquerading as a police or army officer in some backwater Eastern European country! Only Roman citizens could join the Legions, and in the early 2nd century only the son of some Nubian prince could have Roman citizenship... and he would certainly not join a Legion as a private.