Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo of the Day

Rena the Eye-patched Amazon (yes that's the character's name played by Eva León) in GOLDEN TEMPLE AMAZONS, a film that's thoroughly wretched. It can be considered a Jungle Adventure but there's a lot of PEPLUM elements in it, including wrestling Amazon warriors, whipping subjects in some sort of bizarre death trap, mining for gold, etc. Not that different than MACISTE IN KING SOLOMON'S MINES starring Reg Park except that film is a thousand times better. I played this on PEPLUM TV last night and it was quite fun watching this spectacle with others. The viewers mostly agreed on one thing: the breast, eh, best thing about this film are the bouncing breasts.


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James E. Parten said...

"Golden Temple Amazons" has become a regular on the lower end of the DVD spectrum. It's available either singly or in a trifecta with two other cheap-oh "jungle" adventures.

Seems the director had a liking for certain shots that show up repeatedly, or else he just liked faux golden pillars.

As for the bizarre death-trap, it's surprisingly simple, requiring relatively little in the way of special equipment. A good fillip for the B&D/S&M crowd!