Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photo of the Day

Raquel Welch and company in ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.

Should films set in prehistoric time be included in the PEPLUM genre? Whenever someone asks me what's a PEPLUM film, I always answer: it's a story, mostly action, that takes place in Antiquity/Medieval times. Well, prehistory is Antiquity in the extreme. You can't get more further back in time than that. But I've always excluded them even if they share a lot of cliches and stuff like skimpy wardrobe and some PEPLUM films are hybrids, like COLOSSUS OF THE STONE AGE. As much as I would love to include Raquel in the crowded pantheon of the PEP genre, I still think they're too different. Not enough mythology, structure/politics and such. They belong more in the Jungle Adventures genre than PEPLUM.

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