Monday, January 23, 2012

Pricey PEP books

Why are books about the subject of Sword & Sandal films so expensive? It's a truly bizarre thing. I have WITH FIRE AND SWORD (yes, I paid $99 for it), EPIC FILMS and LASH! I've already reviewed LASH! As for the other two, I've had these for a couple years now but haven't reviewed them yet...I'll critique both books individually in the future. Suffice it to say though WITH FIRE AND SWORD is NOT worth $99.

LASH! seems to be the least expensive but it's just an (incomplete) list of movies with scenes of men being lashed with no photos.  Way too expensive.

I was thinking of buying OF MUSCLES AND MEN but @ $40 for just a collection of essays well that's a bit much (the book is even more pricey on eBay) and after reading this review I think I'll skip it.

Martin M. Winkler has written several books on the subject but I haven't read any yet because $107 is simply too much.

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